What we do

Pro Loco Lucera is involved in many activities and events which are the results of a programmed path made by the Pro Loco, together with the regional institutions (Region, Province, Municipality), where you can feel how serious and consistent our commitment is in promoting tourism in Lucera, that is the way to expand awareness and trust in a more effective action for a community outreach and involvement to make us project into the future.

What we do, in details:

• Activities of reception, giving useful, complete and reliable informations for a better knowledge and availability of local services, either in our headquarter or by phone or by e-mail;

• Distribution of paper information materials in our headquarter;

• Information, assistance and reception for sightseeing tours;

• Promotion and information about local events and activities;

• Collaboration with local associations in organising events;

• Collaboration and reception of the civil service volunteers, helping them with the educational activities;

• Exposure of promotional material given by the local operators;

• Enhancement of the informations’ service through internet, by our institutional web site;

• Continuous updating of our databases;

•Events organization;

• Meetings organization to raise the territory knowledge and diffusion, so that we can encourage behaviours that improve reception culture, for a positive image of the territory.