Who we are


We are friends and citizens from Lucera. We are young people, entrepreneurs, traders, employees, indipendent contractors, hoteliers, restaurant owners who cherish this wonderful place visited by turists from all over the world.

Over the years, Lucera made herself appreciate by everyone who has visited it and were enchanted by its streets’ power of suggestion, by its tresures, by its flavours and its landscapes. However, Lucera is not only a place for turists: it’s work, work and passion of everyone of us, residents who carry on the Pro Loco Lucera’s mission of promoting Lucera’s culture in and out our city walls.

Pro Loco Lucera tourism association wants to enable local operators to work at their maximum, it wants to involve its own citizens to participate at the town’s events and it wants to propose turists an excellent and competitive offer.

Pro Loco Lucera aim to achieve social and turistic promotion, to enhance Lucera’s cultural, historical and gastronomic potential.

Executive board:

  • Presidente – Sergio Alfieri
  • Vice presidente – Ciro Danese
  • Segretaria – Lucia Giarnieri
  • Consigliere – Vincenzo Bianchi
  • Consigliere – Stefano Ciccarelli
  • Consigliere – Giuseppe De Biase
  • Consigliere – Rosanna Schiraldi
  • Consigliere – Massimo Simonelli
  • Tesoriere – Franco Apollo
  • Revisore dei conti – Raffaele Di Gioia
  • Addetto stampa – Azzurra Alfieri